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Beskydy is a landscape of mountain ridges, deep valleys, gurgling streams and small rivers, wide forests, flowering slopes and typi­cal cottages of Moravian shepherds. The Carpathian massif - a green ridge of Central Europe - reaches here, at its peak, its highest altitude above sea level.


Location: the Exterior Western Carpathians, almost the entire territory of the Moravian-Silesian Beskydy, a fundamental part of the Vsetínské vrchy and the Moravian part of the Javorníky.

Javorníky constitute the border with Slovakia; this links directly to the Slovak protected landscape area of Kysuce.

The importance of Beskydy is underlined by 50 small-scale protected areas designated on its territory, two bird reservation areas, an extensive conservation area of natural water accumulation and last but not least its supraregional recreational significance.

The Beskydy protected landscape area is the largest protected landscape area in the Czech Republic. The reason it was designated as a protected area is its exceptional natural value, especially the original mountainous primeval forest growths with the occurrence of Carpathian flora and fauna, the diversity of the meadow associations, the unique surface and underground pseudo-karst phenomena and the exceptional aesthetic value of unique types of landscape created by the coexistence of man and nature within this territory.

Thanks to the considerate method of management, the Beskydy protected landscape area has managed to preserve its meadows with many rare species.

Area: 1,160 km²
Height above sea level: 350 meters (Zubří)
1,323 meters (Lysá hora)



Added: 05.01.2010

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