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Summer music festivals

photo:  (sxc.hu)

These have been a unique part of the cultural events in the Czech Republic for decades. They are held at traditional and unusual sites and present a combination of various musical styles.

The infinite number of open air music festivals, which will take place this year from May to September throughout the Republic, will offer visitors the best of the musical production from this country and the world. Many festivals will not be welcoming visitors for the first time, while others will just be beginning to write their history – in any case there will be plenty to choose from this year again.

The most significant festivals that will take place in Summer include:

  • Trutnov open air (map) – the 24th year of the legendary rock festival this year, which was originally called the “East Bohemian Woodstock” and has underground foundations.
  • Mezi ploty – this festival, the goal of which is to destroy barriers between people, takes place every year not only in the complex of the Bohnice (map) Psychiatric Institution in Prague but also at the Brno-Černonice Psychiatric Institution and at the Dobřany Psychiatric Institution complex by Pilsen. As well as music of various genres there is also a varied accompanying programme and theatre performances for visitors to see.
  • Colours of Ostrava (map) – This festival offers an exclusive sample of worldwide music, an excellent atmosphere, theatre, dancing and also various workshops and forums.
  • Rock for People (map) – one of the largest Czech rock music festivals which takes place in Hradec Králové. The organisers also offer a winter section as well as the summer air festival operas.
  • Sázava fest (map) – a multi-genre and multi-cultural festival with a Spring, Summer and Autumn section, which regularly presents the best performances from this country and abroad, and also provides space for young groups and projects. It also includes theatre performances, films, exhibitions, author readings and much more.
  • České hrady – a unique music festival gradually held at five important Czech historic monuments in various regions in the Czech Republic. The festival is traditionally held during the Summer holiday weekends and presents rock and pop concerts. This year three Moravian castles will join the five Bohemian castles, and the festival will continue in Moravia under the title of Moravské hrady.
You can find a complete summary of Summer music festivals of all genres here.

Author: Petra Hubálková
Added: 27.04.2010

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