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Preserved water and wetland ecosystems in Poodří are important for migratory birds as well as for many endangered species.


Location: between Mankovice and Vražné (not far from Odry) and the southern outskirts of Ostrava. Poodří is situated in the area of three regions - Ostrava, Frýdek-Místek and above all Nový Jičín.

This concerns the preserved valley floodplain of the Oder with diverse microrelief, created through development in the Quarternary period and through subsequent framing utilization after medieval colonization in the 13th and 14th centuries.

The territory is a typical and solitary preserved water regime with annual flooding of an extensive section of the floodplain. Furthermore, on a national scale, the winding flow of the Oder with connected systems of branches and pools of various levels of filling has a significant share of permanent grassy growth with vastly diverse greenery (a uniquely connected complex of approximately 2,300 hectares of alluvial meadows), floodplain forests in the plain (the representation of oak and ash is almost 50%), oak and hornbeam groves on the terraces of the Oder and finally, fishpond sets.

The area was listed among the wetland territories in the Ramsar Convention in 1993.

The most valuable locations are protected in small-area protected territories (Polanská Floodplain, Polanský Forest and Kotvice); others are preparing for designation as such.

The territory is a place where many endangered species are to be found, above all water and wetland flora and fauna, such as the water chestnut, floating fern, lesser naiad, common bladderwort, fringed water-lily, many species of amphibians, more than 300 bird species and the river otter.

Area: 82 km²
Height above sea level: 214 meters (in the municipality of Hůrka)
298 meters (Oder)



Added: 04.01.2010

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Preserved water and wetland ecosystems in Poodří are important for migratory birds as well as for many...

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