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Františkovy Lázně

photo:  (moje-lazne.cz)

Františkovy Lázně is the smallest spa of the West Bohemian spa triangle.


The spas here were founded in 1793 and they continue to maintain the atmosphere of spas from the turn of the century. Its charm stems from the unified classical architecture of the spa houses and pavilions. A mild climate, surrounding forests and well-kept parks and orchards all contribute to the healing effects of the famous local acidulous water, and make visting the spas and the town all the more pleasant.


Twenty-three healing mineral springs of excellent-quality acidulous water, sulphur-ferric peat, and natural hot springs of gas have been used for the treatment vascular diseases and heart and gynaecological disorders.

Active relaxation

Golf and mini-golf, fitness, solarium, tennis, mountain bike rentals, fishing


Theater, cinema, colonnade concerts, the orthodox Church of St. Olga
Spa Music Summer festival, literary festival "Literární Františkovy Lázně"

Nearby places to see

National Natural Reserve SOOS - European rarity (gas springs)
Komorní Hůrka - the youngest quaternary volcano
Žirovice - the butterfly farm
Cheb - the complex of stall-keepers´ houses "Špalíček"


Express trains: direction to Pilsen, Prague, Ostrava, Hradec Králové. Network of long-distance and regional bus connections. Transport system Egrensis of the Euroregion.

Personages, dates, history

Kaspar Bruschius discovered the springs near Cheb in 1520-1536.
Georg Agricola, a doctor from Jáchymov, made an analysis of the gas spring.
The curative effects of the springs were confirmed by analyses in 1565.
Dr. Adler from Cheb initiated adjustment of the springs in 1785 and in 1791 built the first spa hall above Franciscus's spring. Nine years later, the peat treatment begins. In 1793, Františkovy Lázně boasts its first spa house.



Added: 02.01.2010

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