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The students of tertiary schools may study for bachelor's, master's or doctoral degrees. Students may pursue education either in the form of daily studies, distance studies or combined studies; the form does not influence the achieved academic degree (only the length of study).

Having completed the bachelor's study program, students are granted the academic title of “Bachelor” (abbreviated to “Bc.” when used as a prefix); the students of arts will receive the academic title of a “Bachelor of Arts ” (abbreviated to “BcA.” when used as a prefix).

Graduates of master's study programs are granted the following academic titles:

  • in the field of economic, technical sciences and technologies, agriculture, forestry and military sciences, the title of “Engineer ” (abbreviated to “Ing.” when used as a prefix)
  • in the field of architecture, the title of “Engineer of Architecture ” (abbreviated to “Ing. arch.” when used as a prefix)
  • in the field of medicine, the title of “Doctor of Medicine ” (abbreviated to “MUDr.” when used as a prefix)
  • in the field of veterinary medicine, the title of “Doctor of Veterinary Medicine ” (abbreviated to “MVDr.” when used as a prefix)
  • in the field of arts, the title of “Master of Arts ” (abbreviated to “MgA.” when used as a prefix)
  • in other fields, the title of “Master ” (abbreviated to “Mgr.” when used as a prefix).
Students who complete the doctoral study program are granted the academic title “Doctor ” (abbreviated to “Ph.D.” when used as a suffix); the students of theology will receive the academic title of “Doctor of Theology ” (abbreviated to “Th.D.” when used as a suffix).

Some schools in the Czech Republic also offers education in programs resulting in the academic title "Master of Business Administration " (MBA). 

Recognition of equality and incorporation of certificates issued by foreign schools

The Czech Republic has concluded international treaties on the recognition of education certificates with Afghanistan, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia. In order to have his or her school report validated in the Czech Republic, an applicant, having finished his/her studies at a basic, secondary or vocational school in the above-mentioned countries, must file an application with the department of education by the regional authority.

Incorporation of a certificate issued by a foreign school is the validation of a school-leaving exam certificate or the final exam certificate or a certificate of another similar examination, and of a final school report in the Czech Republic.

Certificates are validated via an application filed by the foreign school graduate or, if the graduate is a minor, by his/her parent or another statutory representative (hereinafter the “applicant”) with the department of education of the regional office competent at the place of the applicant’s permanent, short-term or long-term residence in the Czech Republic.

Education acquired in the Czech Republic is recognized in the European Union:

  • automatically (i. e. only with submitting diploma) - for example, medical doctors or architects,  
  • semi-automatically (i. e. with comparison of the length and contents of study at a comparable educational institution),
  • in terms of experience (especially people with lower qualification, craftsmen and other professions enumerated by the Trade Licensing Act) or
  • for purpose of providing services (e. g. a French lawyer can plead his client at the bar in the Czech Republic).

Practice in using academic titles

Use of academic titles in the Czech Republic is usually limited to business and official communication. In common communication, people are addressed with their title only if they have introduced themselves with it (verbally, or with their business card) or if one wants to express high respect.


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