Czech CZ 8d132a96-a351-4d4c-b721-f7aeca3390f0 <![CDATA[Roma education initiative seeks to foster role models]]> f1f85800-caac-4bdc-9756-0fcaaee98935 <![CDATA[My Prague – David Dorůžka]]> 1a21926f-fe8c-4a3b-b470-2cec14315bb9 <![CDATA[Czech beer sector sees all-round upturn]]> a1b13f6e-f28e-48fc-af55-4e5c9bf4c25f <![CDATA[Czechs and rest of EU seek to set Brexit tactics at extraordinary summit]]> 357a68f1-d1a1-4c76-8214-6095b473d08c <![CDATA[Zaorálek denies Czech embassy in Syria at odds with NATO allies over conflict]]> c4168d83-9812-4c86-9f27-ac7b135b1227 <![CDATA[AFO festival of science documentary films shows we are all in this together- the question is where a]]> 537372e6-6fab-4110-a8df-94d3f463085f <![CDATA[Czech lawmakers reject proposal to enable unmarried women to undergo artificial fertilization]]> 9adb3ae8-2bde-443b-9250-45e3ecb527da <![CDATA[Last uranium mine in Central Europe ceases operations after 60 years]]> ca34a638-6f43-446d-933c-4a31c65bbc3e <![CDATA[Conservative homosexuals should have same right to marriage as conservative straights, argue equalit]]> ebab77d5-808a-4ec9-b69a-4667ed8dbabe <![CDATA[Ken Loach one of the main guests at this year’s Karlovy Vary film festival]]> 62f468c0-f6d7-4639-993b-7d88a8356da3 <![CDATA[Construction of new D metro line to begin at Pankrác]]> 7e8bb4dd-53c6-4654-878d-f53193a09a55 <![CDATA[Lawmakers pass bill shortening studies for nurses]]> 47c62e77-3301-46a1-ad8c-7f905c1e4db7 <![CDATA[State-owned brewery gets new top boss]]> 9e4f3db1-b7b5-432f-9c05-bcbea249b7fc <![CDATA[Czech army cleared to get first woman general]]> 38f9f254-8c42-41f5-9651-262df0fbbacd <![CDATA[Czech international conductor says “orchestra is the richest musical instrument”]]> a3c76556-886e-4811-a657-6c7aca6891d6 <![CDATA[St. Vitus Cathedral to get new pipe organ from renowned Spanish organ maker]]> 2c4649ae-b47b-4a19-b041-460121be52ed <![CDATA[Inspectors point to errors of over CZK 100 billion in Ministry of Finance accounts]]> 083e2492-da54-4902-8519-61db0bd9c4da <![CDATA[Czech politicians welcome Macron’s first round victory as “good news for Europe“]]> bda9eb24-192f-4cf2-8457-96722edc716a <![CDATA[It’s a car, it’s a plane… no, it’s an autogyro in the middle of Prague!]]> c73c2b9f-e334-41b9-a90a-aff48c0e203e <![CDATA[Jičín says historic town title is reward to long term care and conception]]>