Czech CZ 10f38542-f953-4ec6-9b28-c1cff361ac7d <![CDATA[Zeman loss could lead to Babiš “playing Kaczynski role”]]> d334758d-33a4-4289-8564-ed0951e40d49 <![CDATA[Czech companies face jobs skills mismatch as shortages becomes acute]]> 33cc0c3a-152e-44d1-bd52-10f874bcedcd <![CDATA[Pressure mounts on ANO leader facing challenge to form new government]]> 5e57fc24-fb9b-4f52-adca-ad8a0444cd01 <![CDATA[Škoda Auto breaks sales records in 2017, strong performance seen continuing this year]]> bb1d16db-ad0d-4ef7-bff2-9895dad16777 <![CDATA[Czech government rules out joining legal appeal against EU pollution limits]]> 1f228a2c-6bda-45c7-a224-ba6d8f18a8a6 <![CDATA[Chinese bike share firm rolls out Prague service]]> 585ccb66-1946-4e02-92f9-63d05879a05f <![CDATA[Sean Hanley: Unless something major happens, TV debates unlikely to save Zeman]]> 9d8d4219-5b4d-49df-ba8f-7e161a00255f <![CDATA[Embattled Czech PM ready to face allegations of fraud in top post]]> 104a403a-34b0-41e9-9b17-ee9f67ac3274 <![CDATA[Televised debates between Zeman and Drahoš could decide presidential race]]> 973546b0-0ed9-4423-bb08-40b47b341fb0 <![CDATA[Czech spending watchdog finds significant waste in forestry programmes]]> 38d7c353-b619-42b1-944c-55a5ae0570c9 <![CDATA[Czech pink pill gets protection]]> 105ebd0c-7bab-4354-9c14-9f16450292b3 <![CDATA[Czechs vote in first round of presidential election]]> bc9406a5-32e8-4ac8-a194-b7fdc00152f7 <![CDATA[Czech family excited about presidential poll]]> a7a407d0-5d04-46be-b051-ea33b5ac1007 <![CDATA[Kroměříž: the Palace of Bishops and Filmmakers]]> 85d44c40-2a16-4823-9564-29ac9d8686ea <![CDATA[IKEA pop-up store to open in Prague centre]]> bb09fae2-519d-4445-ac80-2b6cd066564e <![CDATA[Czech inflation slows in December, 2017 price rises at 2.5 percent]]> 8b55cf6b-87da-4186-b49c-a413b0370574 <![CDATA[Czechs pay tribute to photographic great Josef Koudelka]]> ea42ca6d-7fcf-4add-b7e1-490cabf89b43 <![CDATA[Czech prime ministerial and presidential double act appeal for support]]> 5ec67ba1-5676-4cc8-a991-0f3857ba0364 <![CDATA[Unusual guide highlights 500 Prague ‘hidden secrets’]]> 1057a3f1-165e-4a91-a476-67e80d19cb46 <![CDATA[2018 Iranian film fest highlights shorts by upcoming directors]]>