Czech CZ 3bcd814f-6311-44e1-a980-05080a917205 <![CDATA[Cyber-attack causes major disruptions to small-town Czech hospital]]> 89548015-a370-4feb-9096-fa37f1368da6 <![CDATA[Security expert: More can be done to make hospitals safer]]> 820b31ee-b000-4c2b-a2f5-903cec6571c6 <![CDATA[Czech firefighters being trained in extinguishing fires in electric-powered cars, as specialists wor]]> 6c821cc8-f4d9-469e-929d-f494f03dc7cb <![CDATA[Czechs forking out more money on Christmas]]> 74f08e56-ac57-47b5-b1d4-b160c1f83bd1 <![CDATA[Czech teenager builds second-largest ever Millennium Falcon LEGO model]]> 4035121e-6ece-49e2-bd2c-dd97203fa997 <![CDATA[HN: Developers aiming to sell co-living concept in Prague]]> a7f244e3-da1a-43de-99e3-55540044fd2c <![CDATA[Greenpeace activists urge PM Babiš to sign carbon neutrality agreement]]> dd05774f-e03e-4321-b1f7-6a21438670b6 <![CDATA[Veteran cars skyrocketing in value]]> 58492106-080a-45db-b7dd-8295a2e6271d <![CDATA[Gunman kills six patients in Ostrava hospital, two more fighting for their lives]]> 2a1417e5-b25d-4e86-a8e5-4cefa27ba75d <![CDATA[iHNed: Attracted by lower rates, Czech companies increasingly borrow in euros]]> 1ce682e9-a0bf-4d38-a26c-64ad9bb3b74d <![CDATA[Challenging “elites” helps make Klaus Jr. party lower house contenders]]> 1a4188b4-f9c3-466e-8b6b-2567c594cb36 <![CDATA[One in four cars on Czech roads exceed emissions limits]]> 24cac97f-f24c-46dc-a7ce-b20aa2ffaffa <![CDATA[Czech PM suffers a week of heavy blows as he is found in conflict of interest and criminal proceedin]]> 79dbffaa-a768-4483-92a7-71ad583c9884 <![CDATA[Study: Czechs seventh in Europe when it comes to wearable payments]]> ef796a0f-6682-4817-8b40-c62cdb9ee9cf <![CDATA[Recidivist large-scaled marijuana grower, medical cannabis advocate Dušan Dvořák gets 3-year sentenc]]> a738207d-0141-4ea4-8ffa-fedcb254f939 <![CDATA[Legendary Tatra 77 car showcased at London’s Victoria & Albert Museum]]> 0a770262-c4e4-4efb-af07-91e160f98393 <![CDATA[Museum in Cedar Rapids traces the journey of Czechs and Slovaks through history]]> a2477337-30f9-4ba7-996c-9bd3e404c2d0 <![CDATA[Language exams for foreigners seeking permanent residency permit to become tougher]]> 2e28f966-6c06-4996-8128-09db2c9987c1 <![CDATA[Czech Republic jumps six places in UNCTAD global e-commerce ranking to 25th spot]]> ef9bbbeb-7478-4440-b206-7a84e24c8c62 <![CDATA[Czechs mark 30th anniversary of true freedom to travel to the West]]>