Czech CZ e077899f-35d5-4bbc-9498-d82b8852ad6c <![CDATA[Czech car production rises to record levels in 2016]]> 95ed96aa-a7ac-4630-b1c3-62bcfa9d37e6 <![CDATA[Last man on the moon Eugene Cernan remembered]]> 573f53a9-23ad-4cb3-b7bd-497258d8caea <![CDATA[Political scientist: At least security-wise, Trump’s presidency will consolidate the EU]]> d10998c4-cb0f-4541-bea6-98ad8e52addb <![CDATA[Bílina Mine prepares for expansion of coalmining area in northern Bohemia]]> eb98281b-35f3-45d7-b140-c20b32cfa43a <![CDATA[Czechs marking Palach anniversary with chain hunger strike, debates and remembrance acts]]> 1c920244-3d94-4113-b701-d92ef4e09479 <![CDATA[Number of foreigners in Czech Republic rises to record levels]]> a156fe9c-5680-4fb3-b529-2fad291faf0c <![CDATA[Czech board game scene gets a shot of Adrenaline]]> 7bfffb5a-0958-4fe7-8647-6b1230f9b561 <![CDATA[CzechTrade targets massive Nigerian economy]]> 24e8bc8a-337d-43d2-b99d-9cd93b56ce8c <![CDATA[Zuzana Růžičková at 90: Other music was exciting, Bach was almost dejavu]]> 7c5804aa-73da-4e67-ab51-62c725ba0372 <![CDATA[Czech companies start getting to grips with Industry 4.0 revolution]]> 700f1053-25a0-4258-ad11-63ecf6d78b58 <![CDATA[Czech dairy farmers seek to take greater control over their fates]]> 8950f1a5-291c-4056-b82d-cfcc22e77c08 <![CDATA[Fast track programme for Ukraine workers creates strain between Czech unions and bosses]]> 0d852772-3133-4b09-b4a6-92bc949de8fa <![CDATA[Sustainable living projects seek to boost Czech awareness and expertise]]> ccd1a382-8abe-4194-805e-8f629a0410e7 <![CDATA[Czech arms industry exports up for fourth straight year]]> bbcbf13f-6ac4-458a-a852-e0c498b21ea5 <![CDATA[Big budget surplus turns into big headache]]> 5a06719e-3da1-4671-94c6-ae0f0cb58556 <![CDATA[Blast of Arctic weather sees charities scrambling to help homeless]]> a1897b2c-a14f-49dc-9dc2-638e7c41d388 <![CDATA[Czech firms showcase their innovations in Las Vegas]]> 1298c2e2-573b-42ec-9772-0621763c436c <![CDATA[London-based collective takes old Czechoslovak tunes and makes them better]]> 8d5eef30-14d3-4eff-aab4-929ad3c179cb <![CDATA[Astronomers want government to introduce measures limiting light pollution]]> 12b2af9b-ca19-48a1-9a4e-6d8153574207 <![CDATA[New hourly cut price hotel service to be launched]]>