Czech CZ 8d6ad7fb-b218-4e11-b954-a9dd25003f88 <![CDATA[Members-only beer clubs spring up with aim of keeping pubs open, avoiding electronic cash register s]]> f777deb3-8eb9-48d2-accc-02500f650a37 <![CDATA[Hope versus dictatorship & the power of the word among themes highlighted at 11th Mene Tekel festiva]]> 2d6bdcb4-3e9e-4dcb-b185-f4670bfc8b2b <![CDATA[Interior minister: Czech Republic would file lawsuit against tightened EU firearms directive]]> e679d00e-0924-48d3-999d-009a315b6062 <![CDATA[Mardi Gras celebrations in Prague’s Lesser Town]]> f3687a29-082e-4392-965a-482fea01930a <![CDATA[Diplomatic triumph releases Czech Christian from Sudan ordeal]]> 66469f33-a6df-4141-86f9-bde165453009 <![CDATA[Biggest test for electronic cash registers roll-out from March 1]]> 5fcc86b8-6e13-49c3-a1b9-ff2dc75578fe <![CDATA[Café Louvre – a classic Prague café still mainly frequented by locals]]> 5cc7b413-2c59-459c-a7de-9dcdda109e39 <![CDATA[“Natural Born Butchers” wine-tasting party pairs cork and pork]]> 13d55441-2a2d-49c5-824c-c3ba8c10c8f1 <![CDATA[Matěj Černý – Co-author of unusual guidebook 111 Places in Prague That You Shouldn’t Miss]]> f9551b19-41b0-423a-90c3-cbf031ce57ef <![CDATA[PM Bohuslav Sobotka steps into breach as stop gap industry minister]]> 534c3b8f-2118-4f42-b658-6ff4774abceb <![CDATA[Fortuna bets on expansion in Croatia, Romania, Spain]]> e0136646-47a4-464a-9c5e-a4ac77dc71c1 <![CDATA[Publishing house sparks outrage by selling mugs with Hitler’s portrait]]> 84f69637-2080-4ffe-8627-64d3c12ef5c9 <![CDATA[Young Czech designers make their mark at London’s International Fashion Showcase]]> 60d2a98c-a13a-499c-846c-35cd407fd416 <![CDATA[Key anti-corruption law “gutted”” in avalanche of amendements]]> 3430c7d0-7c96-4492-8b49-44f58d7970c8 <![CDATA[Lidl sets store by above average sector pay]]> a56a3859-90b3-4e96-83ba-604fe7bb4c23 <![CDATA[Many gems of early 20th century Czech architecture among buildings newly listed as cultural monument]]> 2dae8076-e888-4858-892b-d259025c91af <![CDATA[Tatra turns corner and seeks expansion on civil trucks market]]> c3b149e6-5d1a-4693-947d-339a233389fb <![CDATA[Czech PM forges common party line over Brexit]]> 5891406e-59dc-4c24-abf0-fe08823ce9be <![CDATA[Business prodigy brings US-style schools to Czech Republic]]> 4939df9a-0b9f-4e57-af03-9ad8bd372419 <![CDATA[Social Democrats weigh progressive tax options]]>