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If you would like to get to know the Czech Republic in an unusual way, you should opt for a bicycle as your means of transport, as the country is well-equipped for biking tours.


If you plan to travel around the Czech Republic by bicycle, by law you will need a properly equipped bicycle (functioning brakes, a bell, a red rear reflector, a white front reflector, a red rear light, a white front light, front and rear fenders). Bicycle helmets are compulsory for cyclists younger than 18, but are recommended for everyone. Riding a bike while under the influence of alcohol can lead to a fine of up to CZK 15 000.

Biking trails

The proliferation of biking trails has recently boomed in the Czech Republic. Biking trails are divided into road trails and off-road trails. Signs indicating a biking trail have a yellow background.

Road trails

Road trails are on roads or well-paved paths, and they are marked with signs similar to road signs for motor vehicles. There are three basic biking signs: a sign before an intersection, direction pointers and direction signs. All signs show a bicycle symbol and trail number, and direction pointers also show distances in kilometers to other places along the trail.

Biking signs are placed like road signs before every intersection or major turn. Since 2001, biking signs have been considered traffic signs and are subject to the same rules as other road signs. These signs are used on most of the biking trails in the Czech Republic.

Off-road trails

Off-road trails are those that depart from roads with motor traffic and lead through the countryside and terrain, mostly on field or forest paths. These trails are marked with striped signs of 14 by 14 centimeters, and with guideposts.

Both types of signs have been installed in a manner allowing the use of common trekking bicycles, not only mountain bikes. The biking-sign system in the Czech Republic is guaranteed by the Czech Hikers’ Club. As of 2005, there were 28 282 km of cycling trails in the Czech Republic.


Many Czech cycling trails are part of the EuroVelo network of bicycle trails.
EuroVelo n.6 - France, Belgium, Germany, the Czech Republic (Cheb, Plzen, Prague, Brno, Olomouc, Ostrava), Poland, Ukraine
EuroVelo n.7 - Norway, Finland, Sweden, Germany, the Czech Republic (Děčín, Prague, Tábor, České Budějovice), Austria, Italy
EuroVelo n.9 – Poland, the Czech Republic (Jeseník, Olomouc, Břeclav – a variation of Brno, Hevlín), Austria, Slovinia, Croatia

Long Distance trails

On of the first long distance trails to be open connected Prague to Vienna. The trail was created thanks to the assistance of its namesake, the Greenways organization. The Moravian long distance bike trail connects to Polish trails in the foothills of the Jeseník mountain range and follows the river Morava all the way to the Austrian border, where it meets the Austrian trail to Vienna at Valtice. Cycle paths were built on both sides of the Czech and Austrian borders. Another cycle path leads around the Lipensky Dam and connects with the cycle path going through the Šumava area. A dense network of paths also crisscrosses the Jizersky mountains.

Wine Routes

The wine trails of southern Moravia make up a unique network of regional bicycle trails connection the most interesting wineries with historical monuments. The main Moravian Wine Trail connects Znojmo with Uherské Hradiště and travels through ten wine making regions. Some 1 000 kilometers of trails pass through the beautiful vineyards and gardens of southern Moravia.

Prague by bike

There are some 93 kilometers of bike trails in the capital. While the terrain may be demanding, cyclists are rewarded with beautiful views and, in comparison with other modes of transportation, quick and easy movement.


Greenway Botič (Výtoň - Nusle - Hostivař - Průhonice, 24 km) – This trail follows the river Botič  and connects the municipalities of Prague 1, 2, 4, 10, 11, and 15 with Pitkovice, Křeslice and the municipality of Průhonice.
Greenway Vltava (Výtoň - Holešovice - Troja, 13,5 km) – This trail connects Prague – Výtoň with Stromovka and winds through Kampa and Letna. Beyong Stromvka, the trail goes around the zoological gardens and travels alongside the River to Kralupy.

More information about Prague cycling trains is available online.

Informational materials

There are several publications of hiking and biking maps in the Czech Republic that include guides and other informational materials, which can be used to get detailed information about biking trails and marked hiking trails. From this wide range of publications, we can recommend the well-structured catalogue Biking Without Frontiers, which describes biking opportunities in the Czech Republic. In it you will find an overview of each long-distance trail and biking region, including contact details for the relevant information centers. The catalogue is available in Czech, English, and German.

Bike rental shops

You will find bicycle rental shops primarily in areas attractive for tourists, and information centers should be able to tell you where you can find the nearest bicycle rental facility. The price usually ranges from CZK 200 to 500 a day, depending on the type of bike and what accessories you choose.

Added: 09.01.2010

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