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České Švýcarsko National Park (Bohemian Switzerland National Park)

photo:  (mojefoto.cz)

Česko-saské Švýcarsko (Czech-Saxon Switzerland) is one of the traditional and best-known tourist areas in Central Europe.


Location: Located between village Tisá in the Ústí region and Šluknovský foreland in the Dečín region.

The Bohemian Switzerland National Park was created January 1, 2000, as the fourth national park in the Czech Republic. It links to the Sächsische Schweiz (Saxonian Switzerland) National Park on the German side, which was established 10 years prior (1990).

The main subject of conservation in the Bohemian Switzerland National Park is the very characteristically developed sandstone phenomenon, i.e. the unique geomorphology of the sandstone rock towns and the biodiversity bound to them.

The Bohemian Switzerland National Park is part of the more extensive geomorphological set of the Elbe Sandstone rocks. The bilateral whole of the Bohemian and Saxonian National Parks provide a representative example of thick-bedded sandstone of the Bohemian Chalk Basin, which, with its vastness (a total of 172 km²), and its current low level of settlement (there are only two small villages within the territory of both national parks) has no equivalent in Europe.

Jetřichovické stěny

The majority of the Bohemian Switzerland National Park occupies the geomorphological sub-unit of Jetřichovické stěny – an extensive set of rock and forest complexes, which are practically without settlement.

One of the best-known sights in this part of the National Park is the National Natural Monument, Pravčická brána, a unique European stone bridge.

The Jetřichovické skály are also much visited by tourists, especially the lookout spots of Mariina skála, Vileminina skála and Rudolfův kámen, as well as the stone castles (Šaunštejn, Falkenštejn and others). In the northern part of Jetřichovické stěny, one of the most frequented spots is the Kyjov Valley, which continues through the Křinice Gorge (part of which is accessible by boat from the German side).

The Jetřichovické stěny territory of thick-bedded sandstone is enriched in many places by individual outcrops of basalt minerals, e.g. at Větrovec, Mlýny, Goliště and Suchý vrch in the Ponova louka nature reserve or Český vrch.

The southern part of the Bohemian Switzerland National Park includes the peripheral area of the Děčínské stěny sub-unit, where the Kamenice Gorge can be found, next to Pravčická brána, the best-known sight in Bohemian Switzerland. The Tichá a Divoká Gorge is also much visited by tourists, where barge trips have been held since the end of the 19th century. North of the gorge is also the only village in the national park, Mezná (local part of the Hřensko municipality) with valuable folk architecture (house with a base).

Marked trails

The whole territory of the Bohemian Switzerland National Park is accessible through the network of traditional marked trails and especially popular sections are accompanied by two nature trails: one around Hřensko (Pravčická brána and the Tichá Gorge) and one at Jetřichovické skály.


Climbing is one of the traditional sports in the sandstone area here. The majority of climbing rocks are to be found in the area north of the municipality of Jetřichovice.

The territory of the national park also contains marked cycling paths with a total length of approximately 40 kilometers.

Bohemian Switzerland National Park in numbers:

Area: 79 km²
Highest point: 619 meters (Růžový vrch)
Lowest point: 116 meters (Hřensko)

More information: http://www.ceskesvycarsko.cz


Added: 18.12.2009

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