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Zoological Garden Vyškov



The zoo lies in the neighborhood of a castle garden near the town center. Its visit is very comfortable since the area offers many possibilities of refreshments. A central carpark is situated in front of the castle. The zoo lies on an 8-hectare territory, 5 hectares of which are occupied by the exposition area.  

The Vyškov zoological garden was built in 1956. Every year, it is visited by around 41,000 people.

The zoo specializes in breeding primitive stocks of domestic animals (Fiord horse, Capra hircus). It participates in 25 European EEP breeding programs.

The garden looks after 164 mammals of 48 species, 109 birds of 25 species, five amphibians of three species and 20 fish of two species.

The most remarkable species you can see there are, for example: Fiord horse, Hungarian prairie cattle, domestic buffalo, yak, Capra hircus, Wallis goat, sheep, Cornwall Mangalica pig, Elliot pheasant, mikado pheasant, Tibetan pheasant, barn owl, ring-tailed lemur, Bengal cat, lynx, Bengal tiger, Somalia wild ass and the Przewalski horse.

In Vyškov, they breed seven species listed in the Red Data Book of endangered species and five species endangered in Czech nature.

Worth seeing is the "Yard of our Granny´s," an imitation of a farm court where visitors see animals up close.

An interesting part of the Vyškov zoological garden is the primitive domestic breeds that you cannot see very often, such as Hungarian domestic cattle, buffalo, recently imported Dutch gayal cattle or watussi and other breeds.



Added: 01.01.2010

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