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Mountain tourism

photo:  (mojefoto.cz)

While the Czech Republic has no mountains that are high enough for alpinism or difficult high mountain tours, there are plenty of interesting localities (sandstone, limestone, crystallic rocks – granite, gneiss) with rock walls and towers where climbing of various grades of difficulty is possible.


Popular tourist routes for mountain tourism can be found in the regions of Krkonoše, Šumava, Jizerské, Jeseníky, Beskydy and other mountainous areas surrounding the territory of the Czech Republic.

The majority of the rocks suitable for climbing are located in protected landscape areas. Only registered mountain climbers are permitted to climb in these areas independently; beginners  must be accompanied by an instructor. The Nature and Landscape Protection Law restricts climbing in protected landscape areas; in national parks and national reserves (especially in Krkonoše and Šumava) climbing is prohibited. In other types of protected areas – such as national natural sites, nature reserves, nature sights and preserved landscape areas – the relevant authorities state the conditions for activities on the territory.

Each region has its own restrictions and rules for mountain climbing that rseek to respect the rock face and protect the fauna and flora.

The most popular climbing places

Labské pískovce (Labe sandstones)
Tiské stěny (Tiské Walls), Ostrov, Rájec, Labské údolí (Labe Valley), Hřensko, Jetřichovice
Location: Ústí nad Labem region

Český ráj (Czech Paradise)
Prachovské skály (Prachovské Rocks), Drábské světničky (Drábské Little Chambers), Hruboskalsko, Suché skály (Suché Rocks), Klokočské skály, Betlémské skály
Location: Northeast Bohemia

Teplicko-adršpašské skály (Teplicko-adršpašské rocks)
Teplické skály (Teplické Rocks), Adršpach, Křížový vrch (Křížový Hill)
Location: Broumovsko area, Hradec Králové region

Moravský kras (Moravian Karst)
The Macocha and Klenba abysses, the massifs Koně, Beran, Rorejsy
Location: Blanensko area, South Moravian region

Český kras (Czech Karst)
Karlštejn, Srbsko, sv. Jan pod Skalou
Location: Berounsko area, Central Bohemian region

Vraní skála (Vraní Rock), Dehtická skála, rocks in Chlum near Zbiroh
Location: Rakovnicko area, Central Bohemian region

Slavkovský les (Slavkovský Forest)
Svatošské skály (Svatošské Rocks) – the valley of the Ohře River
Location: Sokolovsko area, Karlovy Vary region


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