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Where to take children when the weather is bad

photo:  (sxc.hu)

Have you run out of ideas where to take your children when it is cold or raining outside? Inspire yourself with our recommendations, which will please your children as well as you.

MERKUR Toy Construction Set Museum in Police nad Metují (Map)
This unique museum offers everything there is to know about the Czech phenomenon consisting of parts from perforated pieces of metal that develop a child’s fantasy and introduces them to the mysteries of technology and mechanics.

iQpark in Liberec (Map)
The amusement park introduces the phenomena of science, technology and biology to children as well as adults through fun and interactive exhibits.

Puppet Museum in Plzen (Map)
This interactive modern museum is home to 300 puppets, the oldest of which were created around 1830, and the largest of which reaches 2 metres.

Railroad Kingdom in Smíchov, Prague (Map)
The largest railroad model in Bohemia presents visitors all possible information about trains and railroads. The current area of 115 m2 is not the definite size and will be enlarged in the future. The aim of the Railroad Kingdom is to finally offer a complete 3D model of the railroad network of the Czech Republic.

Jojo Park Children’s Amusement Centre in Ostrava (Map)
The largest amusement centre in the Moravian-Silesian Region is an ideal place to rest and have fun. Children can enjoy various sport and fun activities while their parents can relax, e.g. in the café.

Galaxie Entertainment Park Zlín (Map)
This park offers a number of unique attractions and experiences, with each room representing a different planet or galaxy. You can enjoy an adventurous journey throughout the Universe in a single day in the 2,500 m2 park.

Josef Lada Memorial in Hrusice (Map)
The permanent exhibition of this Czech artist, illustrator, writer, scenographer and author of the famous tomcat Mikeš, as well as the unforgettable illustrations of soldier Švejk, will present the magical world of fairy tales and folk traditions to both young and adult visitors.

Exposition of Time in Šternberk (Map)
This unique project will introduce the story of time beginning 14 million years ago, from the Big Bang to the atomic clock, by the means of interactive exhibits.

Town Museum in Horažďovice (Map)
You will have a chance to make your own wooden spoon, try out a spinning wheel or other activities that were a part of the everyday countryside routine at the Horažďovice Town Museum in the interactive “Back to Our Traditions” workshop.

Techmania Science Centre in Plzen (Map)
The interactive museum full of fun mathematics, physics and technology offers its visitors a chance to get first-hand experience with the principles of particular physical laws and processes.

Auteur: Petra Hubálková
Ajoutée: 04.12.2012

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