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The Czech Republic – a country of marathons. Where can we run marathons?

photo:  (www.runczech.cz)

Long-distance marathon runs are popular all over the world and this trend has not passed by the Czech Republic. This sport has become a hit and smaller or bigger marathon races are organised throughout the country throughout the year.

For many amateur sportspeople, marathons have become a goal of their year-long sporting effort.  Many of them have fallen for marathon tourism – travelling to different cities all over the world and taking part in the races. The less demanding half marathons (21 km long) are especially popular in the Czech Republic.
Where can we run marathons in the CR?

The most prestigious marathon in Central Europe, the Volkswagen Marathon Weekend, takes place in May. This very fast race with the record time 2:05:39 was given the IAFF Gold Label.  Another popular Prague race We Run Prague (10 km long), which leads through the historical centre of Prague, is organised at the end of summer.

The Brno Half Marathon takes place in the heart of Moravia at the beginning of summer. Another popular race is the Pálava Run in the beautiful environment of southern Moravia. This race also promises an interesting accompanying programme.
Moravian Karst
The well-established Moravian Karst Half Marathon organised in August in the Moravian Karst Protected Landscape Area will definitely attract those who prefer running in wilderness. Beginners traditionally have the chance to try out the shorter 2.4 km long race. You may take your children along as they can enjoy the programme for the younger generation, which makes the Moravian Karst marathon a perfect ending to the summer for the whole family.

You can find a list of marathons with more detailed information regarding the entry fees, rules and organisation of the events here
Автор: Ivana Jeneralová
Добавленo: 28.10.2013

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